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WLS partners with Scrible to help Washington State schools save money on its awesome research and writing app

SAN MATEO, Calif., February 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Scrible, the super app that streamlines the research and writing process for students and teachers, today announced its partnership with the Washington Learning Source (WLS) to provide its members with access to Scrible at a reduced price.

Washington Learning Source (WLS) is a program for school districts and other educational or public organizations across the washington state to find tools, resources, products and services that enhance teaching and learning. Members can purchase approved, high-quality learning resources from WLS at lower prices than they can purchase themselves.

WLS now offers paid Scrible’s Scrible Edu Pro Teacher Package – along with accompanying professional development options – at a reduced rate for its member districts. Through this partnership, more teachers and students can use Scrible’s robust capabilities to teach and learn the research and writing process.

“Half of our nation’s high school students struggle with research skills and are unprepared for academic writing,” said Victor Karkar, CEO of Scrible. “We are excited to work with WLS to solve this problem. This partnership makes powerful modern tools available to educators to foster the essential digital literacy and communication skills students need to succeed in college and on the job.”

Historically, teachers and students have had to manage multiple tools throughout the research and writing workflow. Scrible consolidates these tools into one great app, streamlining a student’s process of curating, annotating, quoting, and writing. The platform also allows teachers to track student progress in real time, easily access their work, and provide timely feedback on it.

“Helping our community deal with the massive crisis in research and writing skills is a priority for WLS,” said Julie Rolling, Executive Director, Puget Sound ESD. “We are pleased to partner with Scrible to give members access to the best technology available to better prepare students for academic and professional writing.”

Thanks to WLS, Scrible’s platform and training options will be more accessible for Washington schools and support teachers in their work to prepare students for their future.

To learn more about Scrible or place an order, Washington educators can visit:

About Scrible
Scrible is a comprehensive online platform that tackles the massive research and writing skills crisis that is undermining college and career readiness for students. Scrible helps students organize, annotate, and collaborate on texts and supports writing with citation capture, bibliography and outline editors, and word processing integration. Easy access to student work and real-time progress data allows educators to provide timely feedback and personalize instruction for each student. Learn more about

About WLS
The Washington Learning Source (WLS) is a statewide program developed by from washington nine regional educational service districts to provide members with a place to choose products and services that meet their needs and create savings. WLS offers a wide variety of discounted products and services that meet educational needs ranging from language learning acquisition programs to campus safety products and services. Learn more about

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