US college courses you can take while sitting at home

For students unable to travel to the United States amid the Covid-19 pandemic, online courses are helpful. From data analytics to digital marketing, several short-term and long-term programs offered by top US colleges and universities are available online. From Harvard University to Yale, here are some short-term courses you can take while sitting at home and earning an American college degree.

FinTech Online Short Course—Harvard Business School

This short online course adapts the case method approach used in on-campus programs. This means that it presents real challenges reflecting the complex and dynamic nature of the fintech landscape. Upon completion of the course, candidates will be equipped to tackle transformational initiatives in the fintech sector. This online course is designed for finance professionals, business leaders, senior executives, working professionals, and fintech entrepreneurs. It is available on edX for Rs 2,13,485.

Modern Robotics, Course 1: Fundamentals of Robot Movement — Northwestern University

Consisting of six short courses, students who wish to work in the field of robotics or undertake advanced studies can apply for this course. It consists of basics of robot motion, fundamental material regarding robot configurations, degrees of freedom, C-space topology, etc. It will also teach how to represent velocities and spatial forces as twists and keys. Available on Coursera, it will take 24 hours to complete.

Introduction to Networking – New York University

Course topics include computer networks, application layer, transport layer, network and link layer as well as network security. Candidates will learn to describe computer networks and identify key network components, discuss application principles and networking protocols such as HTTP, SMTP and FTP, describe peer to peer networks, how routers work , IP protocol, etc. The course can be availed at Rs 11,362 from edX.

Accelerated Management Program – Yale School of Management

Candidates will be able to develop basic management skills to meet complex business challenges. The course can be registered for Rs 266,856 at edX. The 8-week course will provide candidates with the basic skills and tools needed to run a business more effectively. They will learn how to overcome challenges across organizational functions, understanding the connected elements of modern business, according to the official website.

Cryptocurrency — Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Through this 6-week course, candidates will acquire the skills necessary to assess the viability of crypto projects, understand the opportunities and challenges associated with the evolution of money. Applicants will gain insight into blockchain technology, smart contracts, decentralized applications (DApps), and the broader environment in which cryptocurrencies exist. By the end of the course, candidates will be equipped with the reasoning skills essential to analyze the viability of any smart crypto project. It is available for Rs 213,485 from edX.

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