Universities in Bihar to regularize academic session till March 2023

The state government has requested all traditional universities in Bihar to regularize the academic session till March 2023 for the sake of the students. The university had to work on the ongoing exams until December itself. This commitment was reiterated by the University itself during the last meeting with the Minister of Education at the time. The additional chief secretary of the department of education reminded the university of its promise and urged to update the academic calendar from the new session in any case. On Monday, the additional chief secretary held a meeting with the vice chancellors of traditional universities in the state via video conference. Besides Deepak Kumar Singh, Secretary of Education Asangba Chuba Aao, Director of Higher Education Dr. Rekha Kumari, Deputy Principal Ajit Kumar on behalf of Department of Education while Vice Chancellors of other universities at except KSD joined this meeting online. During the meeting, the functioning of the university was reviewed on 7 points. However, the focus was more on the academic calendar. With the exception of PU, almost all other universities have a delay of six months to a year and a half in taking the exams and giving the results. Most of the pending sessions are in Magadha and JP University. The ACS has asked the Vice-Chancellors of these two universities to make special efforts to update the session.

Spot universities will be required to send their report to the Department of Education

At the meeting held on Monday, the ad hoc universities will also have to send their report to the Department of Education.

The education department wants to issue the requisition for the principal’s reinstatement soon, regarding this, the divisional level has been requested to get the approval of the list soon. All universities have been invited to upload job vacancies to the portal soon for appointment to third-class staff positions. The six universities which have not made proposals concerning the establishment of the new pension scheme will have to send them soon. If the university wants to settle the pending court cases in the universities, the department of education will help it. The task of settling the pending requests of the female students regarding the benefits of the incentive scheme was assigned promptly. The Ministry of Education sought consent from the Vice Chancellors who did not take the initiative for the e-library at the earliest.

Tips for Breaking the Lethargy Regarding the Appointment of Directors and Employees

The most awaited session is taking place in Magadha and JP University

The additional chief secretary held a meeting with the vice chancellors of traditional universities in the state via video conference, what progress has been made in regularizing the session, which university will have to report

No ban on promotion of teachers appointed eight years ago

During the meeting, it was clarified by the Department of Higher Education that there is neither a ban on the selection committee nor a ban on the promotion of associate professors appointed before 8 years. In the letter sent to the universities in July 2021, relating to the 2018 Status, the promotion of those who fall under his JD will not take place for the moment. The new status is being processed, once it is stamped, this ban will also be lifted.