Associate degrees

Two-year colleges oppose D’Youville’s proposal to award associate’s degrees | Education

Support from some educators

D’Youville has support for his proposal from Buffalo Public Schools officials and other educators, including the former dean of a similar program run by Houghton College in Buffalo for refugee and immigrant students.

Gregory A. Lodinsky, principal of Leonardo da Vinci High School, a Buffalo public school located on the D’Youville campus, said having an associate’s degree program at D’Youville would attract immigrant students from the West Side who are already familiar with D’Youville and would not consider pursuing graduate studies on another campus.

“Some of them are from poor areas, not just of the city, but of the world. Their families want to keep them close. They want to keep them safe,” Lodinsky said.

Gina Burkhardt, CEO of the Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology, which runs after-school programs for young people aimed at keeping them in school and preparing them for graduation, said most high school students she meets do not pursue a university degree in other institutions. .

D’Youville should have the opportunity to test his plan for students who would otherwise fall through the cracks, Burkhardt said.

The college, she added, was “seeking to understand, in an innovative and different way, what this group of young people really needed to commit to pursuing post-secondary education.”