State schools

Two Free State schools closed for the week due to rising COVID-19 cases – SABC News

Two schools that face each other in Wepener in the Free State have been closed due to an outbreak of COVID-19. Learning and teaching was suspended this week at Tlotliso Primary School and Qibing High School.

Concerned parents complain about poor communication between the school and the Ministry of Education.

Learners have been told to return to school next week on Monday.

The Free State province has seen a spike in coronavirus cases in schools since the start of the third term. Parents say they fear that if the situation is not taken care of, it will get worse.

“What is happening is very sad because we have children in school who have classmates who are infected, but the children are still going to school. We hear nothing about fumigation or disinfection of classrooms. The children carry on as usual, we are just told to watch them.

“We are very concerned as parents in this community of Wepener. We are disappointed with our leadership. Our government for allowing our children to go to school, but they realize that there is no vaccine for those under 18.

Some Qibing High School learners in the Free State worry about falling behind in their school year. Learners say it is a challenge for them to prepare for trial exams.

“I’m so disappointed and worried because our trial exams are close and I don’t know what we’re going to do, but I’m still studying while I’m at home.”

“As a matric learner I am not comfortable with this COVID-19 pandemic as it is affecting a lot of our school work and we miss a lot as learners we should prepare for exams test.”