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The cost of attending some public schools is rising | New

The average cost to attend some of Oklahoma’s public colleges and universities will increase for the 2022-23 academic year, and Northeastern State University is one of them.

On June 23, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education set tuition and mandatory fee levels statewide, increasing an average of 1.8% for first-year students. state cycle.

This increase was implemented to counter economic challenges, as OSRHE President Jeffrey W. Hickman explained in a recent press release.

“The State Regents are committed to keeping higher education affordable for Oklahomans,” Hickman said. “Record inflation and other challenges to our economy are having a significant impact on students and their families, and state regents have invested significant time in balancing this with the impact of inflation on maintaining academic quality in our colleges and universities.”

State law sets limits on these tuition and fees. OS § 3218.8 requires that “the combined average of resident tuition and compulsory fees established for any school year for the non-guaranteed rate, as determined by the regents of the state, must remain less than the combined average of fees state tuition and residence fees-supported institutions of higher learning that are members of the Big Twelve Conference on the effective date of this Act.

If OSRHE increases rates, this law also requires state regents to make a reasonable effort to expand need-based financial aid available to students in proportion to the change. OSRHE reported that new scholarship programs, tuition waivers, and scholarships provided by state system institutions will increase 64.6% from fiscal year 2022.

The State Regents have released that on average, a full-time Oklahoma student will pay $112.50 more for tuition and mandatory fees in 2022-23. For the regional public universities and the public liberal arts university, the increase is 2.4% on average. This average increase is 1.6% for public community colleges.

Nine Oklahoma colleges are not raising their tuition and mandatory fees. These include: Oklahoma State University in Stillwater and Tulsa and the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Connors State College, Eastern Oklahoma State College, Murray State College, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, Oklahoma City Community College and Redlands Community College.

Dan Mabery, vice president of academic relations at NSU, commented on the rate change.

“OSRHE approved a tuition increase of $9.50 per credit hour, 4%, for 2022-23. NSU has increased tuition slightly over the past 10 years in an effort to maintain affordable education in Green Country,” Mabery said. “These efforts place NSU as the third or fourth most affordable university in Oklahoma, pending all final tuition approvals by OSRHE. Our tuition increase is being carefully considered as we always take into account the impact on our students and our families.

Mabery detailed the steps the university will take to keep courses affordable.

“It should be noted that we are reducing the online fee from $40 per credit hour to $35 with the goal of eliminating this fee over the next three years. With most students taking courses online, the net increase in hourly cost is $4.50. Eliminating these fees is a priority for the NSU Student Government and the NSU Budget Oversight Committee,” Mabery said. “NSU has a history of keeping education affordable, and for many years we saw no increases while other state institutions were required to increase their tuition and/or or their costs.”

OSRHE Chancellor Allison D. Garrett said the mission of state regents remains unchanged.

“Strengthening Oklahoma’s workforce and economy and enabling Oklahoma people to achieve their dreams remains our top priority,” Garrett said. “This modest increase will help our institutions of higher education innovate and expand their collaborations with business and industry. Oklahoma institutions remain among the most affordable in the nation.”