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The Best Public Schools in the UK to Get a Place at Oxford or Cambridge University

Brampton Mansion Academy

Two-thirds of students at Brampton Manor Academy are entitled to free school meals, and the vast majority are from ethnic minorities.

The school for 11-18 year olds is based in Newnham, one of England’s poorest boroughs, where one in five children come from low-income families.

The school’s principal, Dr Dayo Olukoshi, said his students are “just as capable as their more privileged peers in other parts of the country”.

In an interview with The Telegraph in 2019, he explained that there is a “strong culture of high expectation that runs through everything we do here, from cleaners to myself”.

Dr Olukoshi, who received an OBE for his services to education, said his school has a “clear discipline structure” and challenges any kind of “culture of apology” from parents.

He explained how he intervenes if he thinks a parent is preventing their child from attending a top university.

“We’ve had cases, particularly among female students, where the parent is basically saying they won’t help their daughter leave London,” he said.

“Parents will say, ‘Well, I’m sorry, our daughter isn’t leaving the house. The University of East London is not far from us, why can’t she just go there? We have constant battles with parents, and we win most of them.

The 2018 Ofsted report described Brampton Manor as having “relentless ambition and high expectations” and says its sixth year, which has 580 pupils, is a center of excellence. In 2021, there were 55 Oxbridge offers, compared to 51 in 2020.

Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College

Brighton Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College exam results place it in the top 1% of schools and colleges in the country, and its students – aged 16 to 19 – have an excellent admissions record at Oxbridge.

Pupils at the non-selective, coeducational school in East Sussex are required to spend 13 hours of private study and homework each week outside of class, and the College says it provides “a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere in which self-expression can flourish. ”

In light of the College’s success at Oxbridge in 2021, the school’s principal, William Baldwin, said: ‘For a non-selective publicly funded sixth form college to consistently receive over 50 offers a year for that students study at Oxford or Cambridge is truly remarkable.

“We pride ourselves on ensuring that students with a range of academic abilities can not only come [here]but can continue to study at universities like Oxford or Cambridge.

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