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Tarun Kalia’s Revolutionary Stock Exchange Training Institution: Global Chartist


Global Chartist is an innovative integrated solutions company with over 8 years of expertise in stock market trading and investing. The goal of Global Chartist was started with the intention of teaching individuals to trade in the stock market and become independent stock traders using proven technical analysis methods. The Global Chartist team, led by Tarun Kalia, is comprised of financial experts with over ten years of combined industry expertise in capital markets, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, AFIs and PMS.

Tarun Kalia, the director began his career in the second year of the license. Early in his trading career, he took 5x leverage. However, when the margin calls were triggered due to a market drop due to the Chinese currency devaluation issue in January 2016, he had to sustain a huge loss. Mr. Kalia added, “I started to rectify my mistakes and entered the world of technical analysis. I worked consistently with many sleepless nights and a lot of hard work to build a large body and picked many MULTIBAGGER stocks on longer term technical chart breakouts and my top picks were PSU Banks and Metals. Additionally, I have taught over 1,500 students, traveled to multiple locations to deliver seminars, webinars, and tutored many students.

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Tarun Kalia, is a registered member of AMFI, NISM certified, and has BDR from few brokers as well as AP from one of the most renowned brokerage firms in India. In 2020-2021, he received the Ki Baat Market Excellence Award. In addition to this, he was commended in various seminars, held in Delhi in 2017, Ahmedabad in 2018, Mumbai in 2018 and Chennai in 2019.

Through the use of money management, time cycle, data analysis and Techno-funda stock market analysis and long-term investment techniques, you will learn the methods and techniques best tested for successful trading and investing in the stock market. Global Chartist – Training Academy is in the business of providing the best strategies and techniques to make every student financially independent and be their own boss to earn consistent profits from the stock market as well as investments to achieve financial goals.

With its proven technical analysis techniques, Global Chartist is the fastest growing online stock market education institute in India and seeks to provide traders with financial independence. Over 800 members have signed up for our live market analysis mentorship program hosted by Tarun Kalia over the past 4 years. Global Chartist now offers live webinars, career-focused courses, and a large membership base.




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