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SCOTUS Upholds Dinowitz Law on New York State School Vaccination Mandates


ON THE AFTERNOON of February 11, 2022, Assemblyman Jeffery Dinowitz (pictured, right) organized a PPE and COVID-19 test kit at the northwest corner of Bainbridge Avenue and Van Cortlandt Avenue East in the Norwood section of the Bronx.
Photo by Adi Talwar

After the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) denied a last chance petition to overturn Congressman Jeffrey Dinowitz’s 2019 law to ban all non-medical exemptions to school vaccine requirements in New York State, the congressman running for re-election in Assembly District 81, issued the following statement on Monday, May 23:

“I am very proud that the Supreme Court has upheld our state law, both respecting our state’s right to self-government as well as the underlying science that supports the basic concept of vaccination. Widespread vaccination is essential to help protect people with underlying illnesses from preventable diseases, whether it’s measles or COVID-19.

Dinowitz continued, “Those who oppose vaccination proclaim themselves the protectors of liberty and liberty, but they are wrong. True freedom and real freedom comes from knowing that our communities are safe from dangerous pathogens and having confidence that your friends, family and neighbors have all done their part to keep everyone healthy. . Kudos to Solicitor General Underwood and the New York State Attorney General’s Office for continuing to champion this important law, and today is a good day for common sense and pro-science politics in New York City.

As noted, the MP has been active in his promotion of vaccination mandates, most recently amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and despite demonstrations outside his office and home to oppose his stance. He has also been a strong supporter of countering misinformation and misinformation about COVID-19 throughout the pandemic.

The bills A.7536B/S.4516C, which made tampering with COVID-19 vaccination records a crime, were enacted last December. The “Truth About Immunization Act,” sponsored in the state Assembly and Senate respectively by Dinowitz and state Senator Anna M. Kaplan, a Democrat who represents North Hills, went into effect at a critical moment in the state’s battle against the coronavirus, with the outbreak of the Omicron variant.