Russia offers Indian medical students to continue their studies in Russian universities

Russia offered Indian medical students to continue their studies who left Ukraine due to the ongoing war. Thousands of Indian medical students had to drop out of school mid-term and return to India when war broke out in Ukraine in February. Russia said they can continue their studies in the country because the curriculum is the same and the students know both the languages ​​of Ukraine and Russia.

“Indian students who left Ukraine can continue their studies in Russia because the medical program is almost the same (as in Ukraine). They know the language of the people, because in Ukraine most of them speak They are welcome in Russia,” Russian Consul General Oleg Avdeev said in Chennai.

“As far as students are concerned, students continue to go to Russia for studies. This is an increasing trend. More and more students are applying for scholarships in Russia,” he added.

In September, the National Medical Commission of India clarified that there were no plans to accommodate medical students from Ukrainian universities in Indian colleges. According to media reports, many students drop out of medical school and seek transfer to educational institutions in other countries or wait for the Indian government to help them find a place in the country’s medical colleges. Earlier, the Indian government carried out ‘Operation Ganga’ to evacuate students from Ukraine amid the Russian invasion.

Every year, many Indian students travel to Ukraine and Russia for courses in medicine and other specialties. There were about 18,095 Indian students in Ukraine before the war broke out.

Ukraine was ranked fourth in Europe for having the highest number of graduate and postgraduate specializations in the field of medicine. In 2020, 24% of its foreign students came from India. A six-year medical degree in Ukraine costs 1.7 million rupees, which is less than private medical colleges in India.