Associate degrees

Quincy College, NAGE will offer affordable associate degrees

PLYMOUTH – Quincy College and the National Association of Government Employees have agreed to work collaboratively to provide NAGE members with affordable pathways to educational opportunities focused on career advancement.

Quincy College will provide NAGE members with access to online credit courses leading to the award of professional certificates and associate degrees. NAGE members and their immediate family members will also receive scholarships through Quincy College.

“I am delighted that Quincy College is able to strengthen our partnership with the National Association of Government Employees to help meet the academic needs and aspirations of their members. This collaboration paves the way for the educational and professional growth that exemplifies the mission of the College and NAGE,” said Richard DeCristofaro, president of Quincy College.

A designated Quincy College navigator will assist NAGE members by coordinating services within admissions, financial aid, registration, counseling, and student support. Quincy College has structured stacking certificate programs leading to associate degrees and bachelor’s degrees in the areas of business management, accounting, computer science, and criminal justice.

“This approach allows NAGE members and their families to earn an associate’s degree or certificate at a lower cost and be completed entirely online, in a shorter time frame. Degrees earned can be transferred into a bachelor’s degree through Quincy College’s articulation agreements with partner colleges and universities,” said Kate Lopci, assistant vice president of workforce development and community engagement. .

Quincy College is a two-year open-access institution offering courses online as well as in Quincy and Plymouth.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer this incredible benefit to our members,” said NAGE National President David J. Holway. “The quality and convenience that Quincy College is able to provide our members and their families will enable many to continue their education. Our members have continually expressed interest in educational opportunities, and we believe our partnership with Quincy College will be enthusiastically received by all.