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Public schools must shift lessons to the morning | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: The Bengal government issued a notice to all public schools on Monday, asking them to move the primary school day to morning and, if this is not possible, to make adequate arrangements so that children do not fall ill in the scorching heat. With the city’s maximum temperature hovering around 40 degrees Celsius for three consecutive days, the government has also asked schools to coordinate with local health officials.
The council’s exam season kicked off on Monday amid warnings of a heatwave. For ICSE Semester II candidates, the scorching heat seemed more of a concern than their English homework. The ISC Class XII exams will start on Tuesday with English papers, but the CBSE boards have minor papers. Most schools have taken steps to ensure applicants do not feel uncomfortable or ill. The West Bengal Senior Secondary Education Board has also instructed its schools to ensure uninterrupted electricity and water supply, adequate availability of ORS and medical care to care for Class XII board candidates in case where they would fall ill in heatwave-like conditions during their last logs on April 26-27.

Seema Sapru, Principal of The Heritage School, said: “In the pre-Covid years, exams were held in February and March. So the children never had to deal with this kind of heat. Today , we allowed board candidates to use our bus services and ensured they had their meals at school. Of the 182 students taking their exam today, 40 came by bus. We also decided that from May 16 to 20, our children will have online lessons so they don’t have to be outside in the heat of summer.”
DPS Director Howrah Sunita Arora said, “I ordered glucose and ORS for our infirmary. A supply will be kept in each exam room. We also encourage students to drink water at all times. . Eighteen students will be distributed in each room in three rows to ensure more space. Vijaylaxmi Kumar, Principal of the Asian International School, said: “We will be holding an online orientation program for our Class X students on Tuesday, advising them on how to guard against the heat wave conditions. We will organize a similar session for Class XII in front of their boards. The school is also stocking up on glucose and medical help will continue to be available.
Supriyo Dhar, secretary of La Martinière, said: “Board students will write their assignments in air-conditioned rooms. If students experience exhaustion or illness during transport, they will receive immediate medical attention.