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Public schools follow new CDC guidelines reducing isolation time to 5 days

As students return to school for the second half of the school year, the Michigan State Department of Health wants to eliminate future disruptions.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is now following the CDC in reducing the isolation time from 10 to five days for anyone who tests positive for Covid, but has no symptoms.

Then students must wear masks for five days after they return.

The Novi Community School District is already following the new guidelines, said Novi Superintendent Dr. Steve Matthews.

“We try to do our best to keep students and staff safe, but we also understand that it’s important for students and staff to be at school as much as possible,” Matthews said. “So we think these guidelines will support that.”

Hazel Park Schools will change their isolation time from 10 to five days on Wednesday. The district posted on its website and sent a letter to parents on Tuesday.

“We are reaching out to these students who thought they would be quarantined for 10 days, which they can potentially go to five days,” Hazel Park Superintendent Amy Kruppe said.

Kruppe says those students will have to take a Covid test on the sixth day.

Whenever there are changes in the COVID-19 guidelines, there is always this risk of confusion. At Hazel Park Schools, they are keeping parents informed with a full blitz, using their website and social media, so parents can get updates at their fingertips.

“There were no lessons about viruses or how long people should be in or out of school,” she said. “You have to do what’s best to serve your community and your students. You have to shift your priorities a bit.”

Schools in Oakland County are already following a mask mandate.

For districts that don’t, Beaumont Health’s director of infectious diseases says if the new guidelines aren’t strictly followed, the virus will continue to spread.

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Adding people should follow the hiding part of the recommendation, which can be tricky in a school setting.

Dr. Steve Matthews, Superintendent of Novi.