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Public School Kids Get Blue Bags | Kolkata News

Kolkata: The state government is planning to provide bags to schoolchildren starting from the new school year. Biswa Bangla Marketing Corporation, a government agency, has launched a tender to finalize the procurement of 14 lakh blue school bags, which will be delivered to different parts of the state.
It was Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who had suggested that the government distribute schoolbags to students, after noticing that young people, especially in the districts, carried their books either by hand or in ragged bags. As a result, blue schoolbags have been provided. A senior official pointed out that just as all students in government and aided schools wore white and blue uniforms, they would also carry similar bags. The official said small-scale school bag manufacturing units under the MSME department would be given preference, in line with government standards.
The manager said the bags could be any shade of blue, which should be nice to look at, but the front pocket should be a uniform color or a similar hue. After reviewing the various shades submitted by sellers, state officials will give the final nod. He said that . “The blue suspenders in the front will be made of polyester fabric and the back will be soft mesh,” the official said. “The adjustable waistband and buckle will be black, as will the water bottle pockets on both sides. These will be knitted polyester yarn,” he added.
The official pointed out that the bags could bear the Biswa Bangla logo but the last call would be taken by the school education department. Prior to selection, the bags would be subjected to “drop and break tests” to ensure they would not tear easily, he said, adding that each should be able to withstand a weight of 10kg. The bags would be dropped from a height of 1m to test its durability.