Minister NyaLonje challenges universities to promote research – Malawi Nyasa Times

Education Minister Agnes NyaLonje challenged heads of higher education institutions to promote research to address the challenges facing the country.

NyaLonje made the remarks Thursday in Lilongwe during an interface meeting with heads of tertiary institutions.

Minister of Education Nyalonje

She said the research provides independent evidence to inform choices and decisions for the country.

“Universities should bridge the gap by doing research and providing answers to the challenges facing people and the nation,” she said.

NyaLonje further stated that it is the role of universities to provide the solutions through the generation of knowledge, evidence and innovations that can turn into industries and jobs.

She observed that research is an essential part of education in addition to providing qualified young people who can be anchors for different sectors of development.

Representative of Heads of Higher Education Institutions, Professor Zachary Kasomekela

Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources Council Chairman Professor Zachary Kasomekela said the country needs systematic research that provides information to policy makers.

“Universities must work as a team to solve and guide the achievement of 2063,” he said.

Kasomekela said there are many skills and professionals in public and private universities who can conduct research and provide solutions to problems.

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