Medical students enrolled in Chinese universities stage protest in Mumbai, seek hands-on training in India

Indian students enrolled in medical courses at Chinese universities staged a protest outside the Press Club of India in Mumbai on Wednesday to demand practice-based learning in India. These students were forced to return to India due to the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020 and have not been able to return since then due to unavailability of visas.

While they used to take online courses provided by their universities in China, students are now seeking the opportunity to take practical courses and clinical internships in India recognized by the National Medical Commission, according to a report by the Free Press Journal.

These students had previously written to relevant officials in the Ministry of External Affairs, Central Ministry of Health, National Medical Commission, Office of Chief Ministers, State Ministry of Health to demand a smooth return and the continued studies offline, but to no avail. Stating that the government has not listened to their plight, a student said they should be given a chance as they are future doctors of India.

A similar protest took place in Delhi earlier this month under the banner of the Foreign Medical Graduates Parents Association (FMGPA), news agency ANI reported. Performed at the Kerala Secretariat in Delhi, the protesting students and their parents said the government should recognize their physical training in India.

Murshid Aleen, a fourth-year medical student at Yangzhou University, China, told media they were unsure if the Indian government would even recognize their degrees and online courses. He added that many of these students were doing practical work in various public and private hospitals, but this was not recognized by the authorities.

Students also expressed concerns about their ability to complete their studies and repay their loans. Indian students who had returned from war-torn Ukraine also demanded recognition of their degrees and the ability to continue their courses offline here in India.

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