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Maharashtra: With roses and chocolates, students are enthusiastically welcomed as public schools reopen

Schools in Maharashtra reopened on Wednesday after the annual summer break. State Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad earlier announced the reopening of schools on Twitter and the state government’s directive to school authorities to hold events to welcome students.

Early Wednesday, teachers from schools run by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) could be seen decorating the premises with balloons and making brightly colored rangolis. Pupils were welcomed with roses and chocolates as they returned to their schools and interactive games were also organized for them.

“My son was too distracted during online lessons and often played games during lessons. But I saw a visible improvement in him after attending school for two months before summer vacation. teachers take good care of him and he even repeats what he learned at home,” said Smita Gaikwad as he dropped off his son at VD Ghate Anglophone Primary School.

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A special program called “Praveshotsav” (welcome party) was organized for parents and children of kindergarten and class 1 on the first day. “Due to the pandemic, children in the age group of 4 to 6 years old have not been able to attend pre-primary school, which has resulted in a fundamental gap in reading and writing,” said Uddhav Gaikwad, School principal.

This year’s reopening of schools marked the first “normal” reopening in two years, as schools in Maharashtra had remained closed at the start of the previous two school years. Gaikwad informed that before schools opened, messages to parents were broadcast in class groups on Whatsapp by class teachers. “We have sent messages urging parents to watch out for common symptoms that match Covid-19 such as fever and colds and to refrain from sending their children to school until these symptoms disappear. . In order to reduce the risk of spreading the infection, we have also urged them not to send their children in case they show such symptoms themselves,” Gaikwad said.

When asked if she was worried about sending her child to school in light of the current Covid-19 situation in the state, Rajshree More, a mother of two, said: ‘As instructed from school, I packed sanitizers with their textbooks and asked them not to take off the masks between friends,” she added. However, Rashmi Gupta, Head of Secondary Section at Private Rashmi English Medium School, expressed concern that the state government has not issued SOPs as it did last time. . “We are unsure of the appropriate guidelines this time around as the SOPs have not yet been released. So for this week we have decided to let students check out at noon.