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Maharashtra: Starting tomorrow, bridging course for all public school students | Bombay News

Starting Monday, all students in Std I through X will take a bridging course designed by the State Council of Education, Research and Training (SCERT) based on all the important topics covered in the previous year’s program. The course should help students acquire the required learning outcomes from the previous year.
“Most of the past academic year was spent without physical classes due to the lockdown. As the state launched an online education module, parents and teachers reported learning losses suffered by students. It is important to ensure that each student acquires the basic skills from the previous class, which are necessary to understand and perform well at the next level. Therefore, SCERT has been asked to design a bridge course for all students studying in schools associated with the state board,” said Ramakant Kathmore, deputy director of SCERT.
The program will continue for 45 days. “The program will include specific topics which will be taught through activities with the help of the parent or teacher. An assessment will be carried out every 15 days, which means that at the end of the program there will be three assessments which will help us understand how well the program is enabling students to achieve the required learning outcomes of the previous year,” says Kathmore.
The inauguration of the bridging course will take place at 11 a.m. on Monday attended by the state’s Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad in an online format. “Various projects have been initiated by the council to streamline the teaching-learning process in schools. Proper implementation of all initiatives should be across the state…” said Dinkar Temkar, Director of SCERT.