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Maharashtra: After the reopening of public schools, a new bridging course program starts today

After two exciting days of school reopeningit’s exam time for students in classes 2 to 10, thanks to the new bridging course programwhich should start from Friday.

Due to the school closures caused by the pandemic, children in all grades have suffered huge educational losses. The bridging course program aims to help children cope with this before they start studying the new curriculum.

The first two days will be tests on different subjects to determine where they stand against the expected learning outcomes of the previous academic year. It will be followed by a 30-day remedial teaching module. The final leg of the gateway course will be another round of testing on July 25-26.

This should help teachers understand if remedial coaching helped students before the new program started. As Vidarbha schools start lessons later, the first tests will take place there on July 1 and 2, followed by a 30-day module of remedial education. The second round of testing will take place August 8-10. Students will only start studying their new program according to the respective academic year after the exams have been completed.

The guidelines are issued by the State Council for Educational Research and Training, which prepared the syllabus for the bridging course, including the remedial teaching module. The modules posted by SCERT on its website for teachers also include subject worksheets for different grades.

During the pandemic, similar relay courses were set up at the start of the school year. However, this will be the first time the academic year has started completely offline.