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Khattar takes on opposition over demands on public schools

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Thursday denounced the opposition over allegations that the state government was closing many schools, saying it was baseless and devoid of any truth.

Congress had recently alleged that the Haryana government was closing schools and cutting thousands of teaching posts to put education in private hands.

Addressing the opposition, Khattar said 120 public schools had been merged but no schools had been closed.

The Chief Minister said after that that the number of upper secondary schools was 2,304, grammar schools 1,027, middle schools 2,122 and primary schools 4,184.

“Previous governments were playing politics on behalf of the schools. During their tenure, they used to run more than one school in one building. Just to create positions, four different managers were appointed for these running schools. in one building. We have merged these schools which are now run by one director,” he said.

Khattar said student enrollment in public schools is steadily increasing.

Khattar also said the state was recruiting 11,000 teachers.

Over the past eight years, 8,600 PGTs and TGTs have been recruited, he told reporters.

The Chief Minister said that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the online transfer of teachers has been halted. During this period, many teachers retired and many were promoted.

“Now the state government has launched the transfer campaign again and I would like to share that more than 90 percent of the teachers are satisfied with the online transfer campaign,” he said.

”When the work of the teacher transfer policy stopped in some schools, the number of teachers decreased in relation to the number of pupils while in some schools the number of teachers was in excess of to the number of students. Therefore, the rationalization of teachers based on the teacher-student ratio has become mandatory,” he said.

“When we started the transfer process online again this year, we found that there were 117 public high schools that had no teachers and that more than 2,000 PGTs were employed in these high schools where classes 9 and 10 had only one or two sections, so it was decided to rationalize the teachers according to the workload,” he said.

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