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Kentucky Basketball vs. State Schools

The state of Kentucky now has eight D1 hoop programs thanks to the recent addition of Bellarmine. While we all know the UK has dominated them all throughout hoop history, how far away is Kentucky from everyone else?

Here is the UK record against all D1 schools in the state except Bellarmine and Murray State (they have never played in UK before).

Eastern Kentucky: UK leads series 12-0

The UK has never lost to the Colonels and is unlikely to do so in the near future. Neither have any of the games been this close, although in the first round of the 2005 NCAA tournament, the UK only beat the Colonels by eights.

More head: UK leads series 12-0

Much the same story with Morehead, as they were also dominated in almost every meeting. They too had a close game in the NCAA tournament with the ‘Cats, but that was in the 1960s when they lost by sevens in the regionals.

Northern Kentucky: UK leads series 3-0

The Northern Kentucky Nordiques are still a bit new to Division 1, but have yet to find a way to break through against the ‘Cats. Coincidentally, they also played a pretty close NCAA tournament game with the Wildcats, as they only lost eight to them as a seed 15 years ago.

Louisville: Great Britain leads the 37-17 series

Kentucky let the Cardinals play them as much as they want because they’re always ready to deliver another whoopin ‘. Some of the most memorable clashes in the series have been helmed by John Calipari, including a Final Four victory in 2012 and a Sweet 16 triumph in 2014. Louisville might consider itself a basketball powerhouse, but they weren’t. not even the best team in the state. to beat Kentucky earlier this week. This team would be …

Western Kentucky: Great Britain leads series 5-2

The Hilltoppers may have been crushed by Kentucky on Wednesday, but they managed to be as successful against the Cats as any Bluegrass team. Before that game, their 33.3% winning percentage against Kentucky was the best of any team in the state.

In the seven times this series has taken place, WKU has not won once but twice. This includes a 2001 victory at Rupp Arena. Since 1999, Louisville has had only one victory in the Rupp teams against Kentucky not coached by Billy Gillespie.

Overall, the UK are 69-19 against Commonwealth teams and are looking to increase that number to 70-19 by the end of the season if they can reschedule the England game. UofL. Considering that the UK is historically the most dominant basketball team in the SEC and in the country as a whole, the fact that they run their own state makes a lot of logical sense. No wonder the grass here is blue …

Go cats!