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Jagan pledges to continue reforms for quality education in public schools

HYDERABAD: Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has pledged to continue his education reforms so that teachers also prefer their children to study in public schools. “We will ensure that the education in these schools is better than in private schools,” he said.

Addressing an event to mark Teachers’ Day on Monday, the CM sent his greetings to all teachers and recalled the words of Alexander the Great that he was indebted to his father for giving life and to his teacher for helping him lead a better life.

The CM said: “We have launched a series of reforms in the education sector over the past three years and I have reviewed the functioning of the Ministry of Education more than any other ministry because it is only the education that can change the future of our children and their families.”

He said, “Our government has introduced reforms especially for the benefit of certain social groups like SCs, STs, BCs and minorities so that they have access to world standard education.”

“The decisions taken by the government are not intended to cause difficulties for teachers. Our commitment is to place the future of students in the hands of teachers as they are best at shaping them for a bright future in terms of academics and employment,” Jagan said.

The CM said, “Our goal is to restore the past glory of public schools. We have introduced nutritious diets for students and are working to improve attendance, as well as literacy and quality education. »

As a large number of girls avoid schools due to lack of adequate sanitation facilities, the government provides such facilities to help increase the gross enrollment ratio.

Arguing that a whopping Rs 53,000 crore has been spent on education alone in the past three years, the CM listed a series of programs like Amma Vodi, Sampoorna Poshana, Goru Mudha, Vidya Kanuka, Mana Badi Nadu-Nadu , the introduction of English as a language of instruction, the CBSE curriculum and the concept of teachers of the subject, the distribution of tabs to students in class VIII, the organization of digital classrooms, the provision of bilingual textbooks, upgrading teachers’ skills.

He alleged that the Telugu Desam government had neglected public schools, public hospitals and even the APSRTC to promote the private sector. But the current government is committed to developing the public sector.

Jagan said his government had raised the retirement age to 62 and was giving promotions to teachers.