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In public schools, Cm Mulls hybrid teaching | Guwahati News

GUWAHATI: Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said on Wednesday that Assam is considering a hybrid teaching method in public schools where maths would be taught in English and other subjects in vernaculars.
For the teaching of English, the language of instruction will be only English and cannot be mixed with vernacular languages. Currently, the language of instruction in public schools is the local language, with the exception of a few Hindi schools. In the majority of schools, the language of instruction is Assamese. Schools in Bodo regions have Bodo as the language of instruction, while schools in Barak Valley have Bengali as the language of instruction.
Sarma said the hybrid model is intended for students in vernacular schools to become proficient in English and prepare them for better jobs. He was speaking at Ghorabondha Junior Basic School and BJ Girls Junior Basic School at Sipajhar in Darrang district to launch this year’s Gunotsav on Wednesday.
Addressing the students, he said, “Students must be fluent in English and Hindi if they want to work beyond the borders of Assam.”
As a pilot project, this hybrid method started this year at Gordon Higher Secondary School in Nalbari. A total of 187 students were newly admitted to public schools and many of them left English-language schools to join the hybrid model of public school education.
Sarma said the state’s Education Minister, Ranoj Pegu, has been given the task of holding discussions with parents, guardians and various organizations in this regard. “If everyone accepts our proposal on hybrid models, we will take a step forward next year,” he said.
“This year we want to make a change in the school curriculum. We cannot prevent parents from sending their children to English schools. But keeping the foundation strong in Assamese middle schools, we want to teach English and Mathematics in English. The rest of the subjects will be taught in Assamese,” Sarma said.