How America’s Universities Are Bankrupting and Brainwashing the Future of America’s Youth »

The idea that the university is a scam and not worth the high price has been hotly debated for years. Now it’s front and center with Biden’s new student loan forgiveness plan. Many people believe the plan is morally and financially wrong.

Canceling student debt will not prevent universities from charging more tuition in the future. By continuing to support loans without schools being responsible for their prices or the practicality of their degrees, the federal government will allow universities to recklessly disburse more loans to students. This will eventually increase the cost of tuition since payment will be guaranteed.

With Big Brother involved, students won’t need to take personal responsibility seriously. The student loan system could be completely abolished because it could become useless.

Charlie Kirk addresses these and other issues with colleges and universities in his new book, “The College Scam: How America’s Colleges Are Bankrupting and Brainwashing the Future of America’s Youth.

Debilitating costs

Kirk didn’t go to college. Instead, it became the leading voice on American college campuses advocating for conservative students. Today, Kirk is an American conservative activist and radio talk show host. He founded Turning Point USA with Bill Montgomery in 2012 and has served as its executive director ever since.

Kirk believes that the only students who need a professional degree should go to college, such as doctors, lawyers or engineers. The remaining 95% of students would be much better off in terms of finances, career goals and lifestyle to take a more technical education. He thinks college is a scam.

In the past, a powerful brake against a wasteful government and educational bloating was the fact that in America, students were responsible for paying for their own higher education.

Today, the government’s blank check for higher education in the form of federally backed student loans affected its cost. The federal government unleashed a flood of cheap, easy-to-obtain college loans that allowed universities to raise their prices. Universities don’t have to worry if students can’t afford to go. In addition to raising tuition fees, college responsibility is reduced and academic administration regimes have become bloated.

Moreover, to achieve higher rankings, public and private colleges have invested huge sums of money in merit scholarships, which disproportionately benefit the more affluent students at the expense of students who are in desperate need of scholarships. ‘financial assistance. This is because the higher a school scores in the rankings, the more a college can raise its tuition.

Kirk refers to universities as schools with hedge funds attached. Some endowments exceed the budgets of some of the smaller US states. For example, FY2020 endowments were approximately $41.9 billion at Harvard University, $31.1 billion at Yale University, $29 billion at Stanford University. and $26 billion to Stanford University.

Kirk asks if students really want to get poorer to enrich the “corrupt and exploitative education cartel”.

college failures

Most students feel that the cost of college is worth it if they have a rewarding college experience and/or embark on a well-paying career afterwards. “Yet, in reality, four in ten college dropouts left school with a GPA of 3 or higher. And 39% of dropouts said their college didn’t give them value for their money,” says Kirk.

Kirk believes that colleges don’t teach the skills needed in the working world. Also, colleges no longer teach students how to think. The teaching turned, in many cases, into pure indoctrination of communist ideas. Many professors don’t even care if students show up to class.

Additionally, Kirk believes that the college experience makes students less likely to behave responsibly. They are far from home and have no accountability to their parents. The environment tolerates and even encourages bad moral behavior.

Kirk denies the argument that, in most cases, college experience will lead to a rewarding career. Many employers are no longer impressed with college degrees, how they have become so common and do not prepare students for the real world of work. As a result, college ends up being a net negative for most young people.

Kirk quotes an article written for the Wall Street Journal by Russell Ronald Reno III, the publisher of First Things magazine, saying that “I’m not inclined to hire a graduate of one of America’s top universities”. According to Kirk, Reno also said these students are too easily triggered, too quick to “freak out over pseudo-crises” and too eager to make “incendiary accusations.”


Conservative parents should think twice before sending their children to a college where their children’s values ​​will be targeted. Students can be harassed, bullied or intimidated because of their conservative identity. Jtoday’s wokeism (which many believe to be communism) is recognizable by intolerant behavior, censorship and denunciation of traditional ideas.

The process of indoctrination for campus revival begins with the suppression of the free exchange of ideas. Students may feel pressured to give answers in class or on exams they don’t believe in, simply to appease their professors’ political or social leanings. Intolerance is everywhere on many campuses. In fact, colleges and universities are increasingly notorious for their violence and hatred towards conservatives.

College-ready students face a dilemma. What if they don’t want to be part of the repressive atmosphere of those college campuses, but feel like they have to go to college to get ahead? Kirk gives options on how to succeed without a college degree. Part of the solution is simply overcoming what Kirk sees as the outdated stigma of not going to college.

Kirk says we need to break the radical left’s stranglehold on institutions. We need to remove federal guarantees for colleges. We should be encouraging donors to give to charities, not colleges. He encourages readers to help build America, not allow universities to tear it down.

This is a terrific book filled with well researched information in a clear and concise form. Even if you’re a reader with no direct connection to college at the moment, I think you’ll enjoy this book because it takes a fresh look at the issues surrounding college attendance.

The College Scam: How America’s Colleges Are Bankrupting and Brainwashing the Future of America’s Youth. ‘
By Charlie Kirk
Publication of the winning team, July 26, 2022
Hardcover: 288 pages