Foreign universities set up campuses in India to gain freedom to prepare curriculum

The Union Ministry of Education has invited the best universities in the world to set up their campuses in India. Indian embassies spread across the world have approached top universities, telling them that they will have complete freedom to decide on the curriculum. However, foreign universities in India will have to follow certain rules laid down by the ministry.

According to the ministry, once these rules are approved, online applications will be invited from foreign institutions wishing to set up their campuses in India. A committee of experts will also be set up for this purpose.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) will issue regulations for setting up campuses in India within a month. According to the UGC, based on the recommendations of the expert committee, the “fee structure” on the Indian campuses of these foreign universities will be decided with the affordability of the students in mind.

According to the UGC President, Prof. M. Jagadesh Kumar, the interest of the country as well as that of the universities will be taken into consideration while developing the rules and regulations.

Foreign universities setting up their campuses in India will enjoy substantial freedom. They would be allowed to operate under their own policy in terms of program scheduling as well as faculty appointments.

Academics and other daily activities will not be hampered in the campuses of these universities to be established in India. However, Indian regulatory bodies will ensure that foreign universities operate within the prescribed rules.

Significantly, many higher education institutions in India have launched exchange programs with world-class foreign universities. IIT Delhi said they have partnered with a major Australian university for a special PhD program. Under the agreement, students enrolled in Australia will study in Australia for 3 years while for the fourth year they will have to come to IIT Delhi to continue their studies. Similarly, students admitted to IIT Delhi will study at IIT Delhi for 3 years and have the option to go to Australia in the fourth year of their courses.

In a significant initiative, a dual degree program has also been approved in collaboration with Indian and foreign universities. Meanwhile, 25% more seats would also be created in Indian tertiary institutions for foreign students.

No less than 250 foreign institutions in 60 countries have been identified for the double degree programme. As part of this, the standards have been relaxed to allow Indian institutions to create additional seats for foreign students.

According to the ministry, the previous government’s efforts to invite foreign universities were stalled due to lack of consensus on issues such as regulations, faculty, fees and academic curriculum. This time, when finalizing the rules, the world ranking of foreign universities will also be taken into account.

The UGC President said that India is not only inviting reputable foreign universities but foreign students are also encouraged to study in India. For this, 25% of additional places are created in educational establishments for foreign students. In addition, taking into account the interests of foreign students, higher education institutions will have to set up an “international relations office

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