Associate degrees

Fairview High graduates earn associate degrees, technical certificates

Fairview High Mechatronics

Mechatronics students at Fairview High celebrate two milestones: graduating from high school and graduating from college at the same time.

Six students graduated this year with an associate’s degree in engineering systems technology and 12 students earned a technical certificate from Columbia State University.

“The administration of Fairview High and WCS have worked to remove barriers that prevent our students from pursuing career-changing opportunities,” said FVHS Director Dr. Kurt Jones. “We believe our mechatronics program aligns perfectly with Governor Lee’s investment in vocational education and expands access to the technical training needed to close the gap in our workforce. I had the honor of recognizing these students. They are the definition of a Yellow Jacket Fellow.

The Fairview High Mechatronics program began in 2016 and gives students the opportunity to earn credit toward an associate’s degree while working on their high school diplomas. Over the past five years, 25 FVHS students have earned an associate degree and 37 have earned a technical certificate.

Technical Certificate in Engineering Systems Technology

  • Matthew Andrea
  • Jordan Boyet
  • Jacob Clevenger
  • Christian Edwards
  • Sam Hamon
  • Guillaume Hozin
  • Bryce Lamb
  • Maige of Braxton
  • Dominique Policari
  • Sal Policari
  • Marco Pukl
  • Brandon Taylor

Associate of Applied Science in Engineering Systems Technology

  • Perry Dongan
  • injured dylan
  • Noah Kirkpatrick
  • Jonathan Perkerson
  • Kevin Marquez Rosas
  • Shammah Takop