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Cricket ‘returns full-time to state schools’ as charity Greenhouse Sports launches cricket schemes to help London school children – FE News

Sports & Mentoring charity Greenhouse Sports has announced its first cricket program since its inception in 2002, partnering with Eastlea Community School in Canning Town, Newham, to provide cricket coaching for pupils aged 11-16.

To lead the new cricket programme, Greenhouse Sports recruited its first ever cricket coach, Masoor Khan. As with all Greenhouse Sports programs, Masoor runs free coaching sessions for students during and after school (including breakfast clubs, lunch clubs and after school clubs) and is integrated with school as a full-time staff member and trusted mentor. It’s an important part of the Greenhouse philosophy of providing several hours of intensive coaching and one-on-one mentoring to inspire kids to aim higher.

Greenhouse’s push into cricket comes at a good time after the results of the Azeem Rafiq racism scandal in English cricket in 2020, and which continues to have ramifications today. It is widely recognized that cricket needs to radically change its culture and approach, in order to improve diversity in the sport and ensure that it is attractive and accessible to all, especially people from lower socio-economic backgrounds. disadvantaged.

The charity has focused on children and communities most in need, working only in schools where at least two-thirds of pupils live in areas of high deprivation, according to the IDACI ranking. In London in particular, these areas are also extremely culturally diverse.

Sarah Morgan, Principal of Eastlea Community School, says: “Greenhouse has been a huge hit with schoolchildren across London and we are delighted the charity is bringing its approach and passions to Eastlea through cricket.”

Masoor Khan, Head Cricket Coach at Greenhouse Sports says: “It is an honor to be Greenhouse’s first cricket coach at a time when our fantastic sport needs to be promoted and everyone encouraged to play it. I have spent many years coaching cricket in communities like those supported by Greenhouse. The opportunity with Greenhouse to introduce more young people to the game who might not otherwise have it, and to coach cricket full-time every day of the school year is an opportunity that I absolutely savor it.

“Greenhouse’s pioneering work in the capital has been proven to improve students’ academic performance, attendance and social skills. I look forward to seeing the positive impact and results we deliver at Eastlea.

Coach Masoor was recruited selectively by the charity in January this year. Previously a top trainer with the Chance to Shine charity in Bristol, Masoor Khan is the winner of Project of the Year at the 2020 Chance to Shine Awards and Street Coach of the Year 2019.

Greenhouse Sports currently offers over 50 high quality programs across the capital, specializing in table tennis, basketball, tennis and volleyball. Supported by People’s Postcode Lottery players, the charity focuses its resources on disadvantaged young people to help them improve their life chances through the power of sports coaching and mentorship.

On its 20th anniversary, Greenhouse Sports celebrates 20 years of working with over 50,000 children, keeping them engaged in education, helping them achieve better results, better jobs and better futures. School children supported by a Greenhouse athletic trainer are on average likely to attend more than 5 school days per year than those who do not participate in Greenhouse programs.

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