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BJP MP after state schools changed weekly holidays to Fridays

Photo: ANI

New Delhi/Ranchi: A Bharatiya Janata Party MP made a big statement. Nishikant Dubey alleged that the state of Jharkhand was being converted into an Islamic state. Calling it a conspiracy, the BJP MP demanded an investigation by the National Counter Terrorism Investigation Agency into the matter.

Dubey alleged that Congress and the ruling JMM were part of the plot. The MP made the remarks after several Urdu-medium schools in Jharkhand changed their holiday weeks to Friday from Sunday. However, this decision caused a huge backlash and several schools reverted to Sunday as the week off.

“Jharkhand is turned into an Islamic State… It’s a conspiracy. The NIA should be called to investigate. Congress and JMM are in the same boat… They will take anyone’s help to win whether it is Pakistan or China,” the BJP MP told the media.

Dubey had also raised the issue in the Lok Sabha on Friday, calling it a “very serious” issue. He had also called for an NIA investigation into the matter while speaking in parliament.

Dubey, who represents Jharkhand’s Godda Lok Sabha constituency, called the move to change weekly school vacations a move towards “Islamization”. The ruling parliamentary party has urged the Center to withhold funds given to these schools under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan government.

“Suddenly, at least 1,800 schools included the word Urdu in their names across Jharkhand…. Now a report from a committee set up by the government of Jharkhand has come (which said) that Sunday is not a weekly public holiday in these schools,” the BJP MLA told Lok Sabha.

The “country is heading towards Islamization and Jharkhand has shown the way,” Dubey alleged, adding, “It is my humble request to the Center that an investigation by the NIA be ordered and the funding of schools which have included Urdu in their names and changed the weekly holiday to Friday be retained.

The BJP MP stressed that a message must be sent that India is following a law and that “such things will not be tolerated at any cost”.

The government of Jharkhand had earlier told the Legislative Assembly that as many as 407 schools had been declared Urdu schools at the local level in the state. In addition, a total of 509 schools had “illegally” changed the weekly holiday from Sunday to Friday.

Muslims observe Friday as an auspicious day and hold “Jumme Ki Namaz” with great fervor.