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banna: Spl provisions for autistic children in public schools likely | Ranchi News

Ranchi: State Health Minister Banna Gupta said on Friday he would write to his cabinet colleague and Education Minister Jagarnath Mahto to ensure special provisions for autistic and specially disabled children in schools of State.
Speaking on the sidelines of an autism workshop organized by the Ranchi Press Club, YBN University and Dr. than Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism, I have decided to ask Jagarnath ji to ensure that additional teachers and special educators are delegated in all private and public schools in Jharkhand to that these children can also develop their studies.
Addressing the rally, Banna also announced that the state health department would arrange for physical therapy sessions for these children and set up dedicated health and wellness centers to provide them with therapy.
The workshop was attended by expert doctors who work with children with ADHD and autism.
They highlighted the challenges as well as ways to improve the quality of life of autistic children.
Speaking to YOU, Dr Rajeev Kumar, who works for the rehabilitation of these children, said: “There are two types of problems in autistic children: those who are hyperactive and cannot stay still and the other is that of children who will never make eye contact and live in a state of inertia.
When asked about the possible means of their treatment, Dr Singh said: “Improvements in these children are seen after a minimum of three months and could take up to three years of treatment and therapy sessions. simultaneously.”
The Dr. Rajeev Clinic, which provides homeopathic care to autistic children, has also proposed a project to create a park for these children and should be equipped with remedial, speech therapy, occupational therapy and behavioral therapy facilities.
“The goal of creating the park is to provide autistic children with a space where they can play, interact with other children and exercise with their therapies that will help them improve their condition,” added the Dr Singh.