Associate degrees

Associate Degree Nurses Provide Excellent Care

Posted: 02/09/2021 00:01:38

I am writing in response to statements made by Representative Linda Tanner (D-Georges Mills) to the NH House Education Committee regarding associate degree nurses.

Let me start by saying that my son, after serving in the US Navy as a corpsman, assigned to a US Marine Unit, earned his associate’s degree, after graduating as “highest remarkable” of his class.

Let me tell Rep Tanner that he is not “Jeannie on the sidewalk”. And there are many more exceptional and capable registered nurses with an associate’s degree who, one day, could possibly save your life. You obviously have no idea of ​​their qualification and worth, and your statements were out of place and genuinely offensive, especially in times of a pandemic.

Rep. Tanner, you need to get off your high horse and consider apologizing to all nurses, regardless of degree. You should be lucky to end up with my son who will take care of you if you get sick. And I can tell you that even though you insulted all the community college graduate nurses, if one of them ended up taking care of you, she would give you the same exceptional care she gives to all of them. his other patients.

I am among those who are extremely grateful for their intelligence, dedication, kindness and professionalism.