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AMC Chosen as Asia’s 1st “Excellent” TAVI Training Institution

Edward Lifesciences, an American medical technology company, recently named Asan Medical Center (AMC) Asia’s first “Excellent TAVI Educational Institution”, recognizing it for its unparalleled TAVI performance and educational capabilities. Short for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation, TAVI is a minimally invasive procedure to insert a new valve into the heart.

Asan Medical Center (AMC) has been designated by Edwards Lifesciences as the only excellent teaching facility for TAVI procedures.

With this designation, AMC is qualified to manage, oversee and educate hospitals and medical staff around the world performing TAVI for the first time, the hospital said.

Previously, Edwards Lifesciences only selected US and European hospitals as excellent TAVI teaching institutions.

This time, however, he chose AMC in Korea and St. Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital in Australia for the first time in the Asia-Pacific region.

To be named as an excellent TAVI teaching institution, the hospital must provide sufficient experience of the procedure and the disease severity of the patients and the cases must be diversified. Additionally, patient complications are expected to be low after 30 days of the procedure.

In addition, relevant medical personnel, such as cardiologists and thoracic surgeons, should be qualified to provide training, management, and supervision of TAVI 1:1 therapy. Hospitals should also have facilities for TAVI and provide online and offline training.

AMC received the first certification in Korea as a hospital that operates the 3M TAVI Benchmark program – a multidisciplinary, complex and minimally invasive TAVI procedure protocol to minimize the physical burden on patients and help them recover quickly.

Several studies prove that patient treatment performance improves by standardizing management before and after TAVI treatment, and Edward Lifesciences evaluates and certifies these hospitals.

AMC reached 1,000 cases of TAVI procedures for the first time in Asia in May 2021. The hospital treats about 250 cases a year, and only seven US facilities can perform the same.

Although the average age of these 1,000 patients is over 80 years old, an assessment of the incidence of severe stroke and the 30-day premature death rate demonstrated a 96% success rate and a improved by 99% over the past five years, AMC said.