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Advance your MRI career with MRI associate degrees from Pulse Radiology

New York, NY – Pulse Radiology Education (PRE), a national leader in MRI technology education for the advancement of MRI technologist careers. From its headquarters at 205 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017, they offer a range of online programs with a 94% first-attempt registry success rate and 100% second-attempt registry success rate. Pulse Radiology Education LLC was the first ARRT-approved online post-primary program MRI Certification Programcomputed tomography (CT) training and mammography program.

Since its creation by Neil Huber in November 2015 and with the launch of the first online platform MRI program in January 2016, the mission was clear: to provide practicing X-ray technologists with the ability to balance work and personal life while pursuing advanced post-primary MRI certification goals. The mission of providing radiology technologists with the ability to prepare for the MRI Certification Registry exams online has never been clearer with the success that pulse radiology students have had in passing the registry on the first try.

Those who have never heard of Pulse Radiology Education (PRE) should know that they also have a Florida-based branch called Pulse Radiology Institute (PRI) that offers Associate Degrees in MRI where technologists can start pursuing their careers in this exciting field of technology. PRI also offers online training using Instructure’s Canvas LMS; it is the leading online education software offering distance education in the United States and abroad.

Becoming a Certified Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist can lead to a career that is not only prestigious and rewarding, but in high demand. Certified MRI technologists will work side-by-side with doctors when it comes to diagnosing medical issues. Before the pandemic, there was already a shortage of certified MRI technologists, because the COVID pandemic, when it was in full swing, this deficit only worsened. An MRI diagnosis is fundamental in the treatment of many lung diseases, the Covid has only added to this demand. USA NEWS reported that before the pandemic in 2019; Salaries for MRI technologists averaged $73,410 per year. The top 25% earned $87,280 that year, while the bottom 25% earned another $61,030. With the continued strong demand, it is foreseeable that these figures could reach up to thirty percent in 2022.

Neil Huber, President and CEO of Pulse Radiology Education, said: “MRI technologists are not only in high demand right now, but are essential to winning this battle against Covid. The goal of Pulse Radiology is to educate technologists on advanced certification in the field of radiology. When a student passes the registry as a certified technologist, they will perform diagnostic imaging and be at the forefront of the diagnostic process.

For more information about PRE, please visit their website – or contact them, Pulse Radiology 205 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017. Phone: (646) 948-1500

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