34 Equity Leadership Program Scholars Admitted to Global Universities

27 Equity Leadership Fellows, made up of former Wings to Fly grantees and those who passed the 2020 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams in the country; received early admissions with a full scholarship valued at Ksh. 916 670 492 to 18 global universities.

Admissions are split between the United States, South Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. The total number of scholars admitted to global universities is expected to increase after regular admissions decisions are made by the end of May
2022. This brings the total number of ELP Scholars and Global Universities Alumni to 715. Of this number, the total number of Wings to Fly recipients in global universities stands at 154 scholarship recipients.

Equity supported scholarship recipients with a fully Bank-funded 8-week University Advising Program, where scholarship recipients were guided and coached through the college application and preparation process. The ELP Program positions Fellows as the next generation of leaders both locally and
globally. They are therefore supported to access secondary education in the case of former Wings to Fly students and, with the best national artists, have access to a paid internship of 2 to 6 months where they acquire work experience and sharpen their skills. leadership skills.

The program integrates mentoring and leadership development with the aim of producing scholars who are versatile, creative, innovative and connected to the communities from which they come. The values ​​of giving back to the community, professionalism, application of a solutions approach, combined with values-based servant leadership and academic excellence are some of the essential components of the Equity Leaders program.

The power of networks remains a mainstay of this program, and locally, ELP Fellows continue to utilize the diverse skills, abilities, and opportunities as business leaders and entrepreneurs. For example, Equity Afia is a medical franchise run by ELP that is transforming the delivery of medical services in the country.

The initiative demonstrates the capacity of our young people to provide solutions to local challenges, when given the opportunity and the right support to optimize their academic talent and potential.

Dr. James Mwangi, Group Managing Director and CEO of Equity Group Holdings and Chairman of the Equity Group Foundation (EGF), said: “This marks a good start for our academics to enter the world’s top universities. . Of the first 27 decisions with full scholarship, 11 are admitted to Ivy League universities in the United States, including Cornell (2), Dartmouth (2), Princeton (1), University of Pennsylvania (4) and Yale ( 2). This is commendable noting that this is a cohort that has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic which has forced scholars to take a 9 month break from school to study from home. Despite the circumstances brought on by the delay, their performance compares favorably to the 2020 cohort who got 26 early decisions.

Dr Mwangi added: “The success of the ELP in Kenya has inspired our strategy to roll out the program in the other regions where Equity is present. Currently, Uganda, Rwanda and DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) have launched their respective ELP initiatives, and we are confident that these
young leaders will continue to shape the leadership dialogue around the world.