3 Whitehouse High School athletes sign with Texas universities

WHITEHOUSE, Texas (KLTV) — Whitehouse High School pride was in the spotlight on Wednesday as signings locked in bright futures for three students.

There’s Grayson, Avery and… Thirst? OK, we need to understand the history of Isiah Stevenson’s nickname

“It was from one of the old coaches, he was in seventh grade actually. And we were trying on some shoulder pads, and I just asked him if I could have some water and I won the coaches said how as -you thirsty, you haven’t done anything yet,” Stevenson said. “And so I stuck with it all these years. I wouldn’t be surprised if it lasted through college.

“After my injury I just started contacting the coaches on Twitter if you were trying to get my name out there you know you only played two games and I met coach money at Hardin Simmons, and he contacted me. We started talking and brought me over there for a visit,” Stevenson said. “They really keep it like a family, very strong coaches up there, a very good brotherhood up there and I really liked it.”

Stevenson tore his meniscus, which prevented him from playing a full season, but in this case, Hardin Simmons also judged him by his heart.

Grayson Enright goes to Sam Houston State University as a competitive cheerleader.

“So competitive cheerleading is you don’t do cheer emotions, you do a whole routine with somersaults, stunts and it’s like you don’t get a break. It’s like two minutes and 30 seconds as a go,” Enright said.

Her next stop is to be in the right place at the right time to attend a Sam Houston cheerleading clinic where she made a great first impression.

“My dad was like in the clinic with me and I look at him and I think I’m going to him, he just said he wants to sign me. And my dad was like having to hold back his tears, he was so excited” , Enright said.

UT Dallas also had its chance to sign a White House gem, which is where Avery Taylor will play softball.

“I chose UT Dallas because of their focus on the team and the academics, it’s not necessarily just softball, softball, softball all day. they put a lot into your studies and your future,” Taylor said.

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