25 prominent academics sign open letter to universities calling for divestment from Israel

On the International Day of Action, FOA calls on all students around the world to call on your university to divest from Palestine. (Picture: via FOA)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff

As part of the build-up to the International Day of Action, which will take place next Wednesday, 25 prominent scholars have signed an open letter to universities around the world calling on them to divest from Israel in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The open letter, a copy of which was sent to The Palestine Chronicle, was coordinated by the British solidarity group Friends of Al-Aqsa (FoA) and a coalition of university student associations across the UK.

“Over the past few weeks, we have seen boycotts, divestments and sanctions against Russia for its invasion and occupation of Ukraine. Individuals and companies have boycotted Russian products, and governments have imposed heavy sanctions on Russia in response to its actions,” the letter reads.

“We call on our institutions to act and divest for Palestine. We have now seen what can be achieved when we unite against those who break international law, and we must do the same for Palestine,” the scholars wrote.

Signatories include Professor Gilbert Achcar (SOAS), Professor Ilan Pappe (Exeter), Professor Robin DG Kelley (UCLA), Professor Emeritus Caroline Rooney (Kent) and Professor Mohamed El-Gomati OBE (York). The letter was also signed by prominent young Palestinian activist Mohammed El-Kurd.

On Wednesday, March 23, students from universities around the world are expected to stage protests on campus and send a message to their vice-chancellors, calling for a complete withdrawal of investment in companies complicit in the illegal occupation of Palestine.

Below is the full list of signatories:

Professor Gilbert Achcar, SOAS University of London Professor Talal Asad, City University of New York Haim Bresheeth, SOAS University of London

Marina Calculli, Sciences Po

Mike Cushman, LSE

Natalia Donner, University of Leiden

Professor Mohamed El-Gomati OBE, University of York

Sai Englert, University of Leiden

Assistant Professor Layal Ftouni, University of Utrecht

Professor John Garrett, retired

Associate Professor David Heap, University of Western Ontario Sandew Hira, International Institute for Scientific Research Professor Khaled Hroub, Northwestern University/Qatar Professor Robin DG Kelley, UCLA

Dr Jens Lerche, SOAS University of London

Associate Professor Ethan Mark, University of Leiden

Elena Burgos Martínez, University of Leiden

Professor Nur Masalha, SOAS University of London

Professor Ilan Pappe, University of Exeter

Dr Barbara Pizziconi, SOAS University of London

Arnout van Ree, University of Leiden

Emeritus Professor Caroline Rooney, University of Kent Professor Jonathan Rosenhead, LSE

Professor Richard Seaford, University of Exeter

Dr Henny Ziai, SOAS University of London

To read the full text of the letter, please click on here.

(The Chronicle of Palestine)