State schools

Move to merge 2 public schools with University of Florida, FSU

TALLAHASSEE, Florida. – Students and administrators at two Florida schools are fighting a controversial bill that seeks to merge them into the state’s two oldest universities. The House bill introduced earlier this month seeks to merge Florida Polytechnic University with the University of Florida and New College of Florida with Florida State University. “Why would […]

Associate degrees

Associate’s degrees and certificates are now as popular as bachelor’s degrees

U.S. students began earning associate’s degrees and certificates at a rate equal to bachelor’s degrees as early as 2016. Recently analyzed data from this year shows that colleges awarded 1.95 million associate’s degrees and certificates combined, compared to 1.92 million bachelor’s degrees. Georgetown University’s Center on Education and Workforce (CEW) published these findings in The […]

Associate degrees

More Students Are Pursuing Certificates and Associate’s Degrees – Campus Technology

To research Report: More students are pursuing certificates and associate degrees By Dian Schaffhausen 11/02/20 More students pursue certificates and associate degrees than bachelor’s degrees in the United States, and they tend to be more diverse in terms of race and ethnicity, economic status, and age. This is the general conclusion of a […]

Associate degrees

Lone Star College System grants most associate degrees to minority students in the state

According to a report by Diverse: Issues In Higher Education, the Lone Star College System conferred the most associate degrees to minority students in Texas. In its December issue, Diverse published a ranking of degrees awarded in the 2017-2018 academic year to graduate minority students across all disciplines. In addition to being number one in […]