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Freethought Books for Prisoners

This past weekend, the Reed Secular Alliance completed its Freethought Books Project mailing.  The statistics are as follows:

Boxes:  10

Books:  91

Magazines:  13

Sent To:  9 individual prisoners

1 non-theistic books to prisoners drive

TitlesThe Born Again Skeptic’s Guide to the Bible, The Soul of Science, American Infidel:  Robert G. Ingersoll, One Woman’s Fight, Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism, Keepers:  Voices of Secular Recovery, Biographical Dictionary of Scientists (2 volumes), Language, Proof, and Logic, Principles of Chemistry, Contemporary Linguistics:  An Introduction, Imagine No Superstition, God:  Hit or Myth?, Religion & Gods, God:  The Failed Hypothesis, Forbidden Fruit:  The Ethics of Humanism, Rhymes for the Irreverent, Why I Am Not a Christian, What Is Secular Humanism?, How We Believe:  The Search for God in an Age of Science, Atheism:  The Case Against God, Affirmations:  Joyful and Creative Exuberance, The Transcendental Temptation, God’s Problem, Over the Influence, Why Atheism?, The Family:  The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power, Freethought on the American Frontier, The Darwin Awards

MagazinesThe Humanist, Free Inquiry, Skeptical Inquirer

We hope the prisoners enjoy the books!

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