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RSA Members Make Signs

A club member puts the finishing touches on a pro-gay sign
A Reedie puts the finishing touches on a pro-gay sign

On both Friday and Sunday, Reed Secular Alliance members made signs to protest Westboro Baptist Church.  Although Leslie Zukor is the only member able to attend the rally, others lent their signs or moral support.  Among the signs members created were “Atheist for Tolerance”, “Preach Love not Hate”, and Zukor’s favorite, “Flag Enabler”. 

The last sign, complete with pictures of the American flag, lampoons the favorite Phelps epithet “fag enabler”.  A “fag enabler”, in WBC terminology, is the heterosexual person who is equally to blame for America’s toleration of homosexuality, because he or she stands by and does not voice his or her opposition.

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